WhoamI |

edited: Apr. 4, 2024

Apr. 2, 2024

To keep things short - I don't know. "Who am I?" is a recurring, albeit transient, thought which always provokes introspection upon every encounter, for which I somehow find myself deeper into the labyrinth that is exploring this question. This labyrinth is not a somber environment that violently tosses me around some arbitrary spectrum of emotions, but a rather alluring place.

A question I've encountered numerous times: "why do I want to know who I am?" remains in my path for a while, and then I encounter "do I even need to ask of myself to ask questions like this"? For which I tend to answer with "no".

I'm not a productivity guru, but shortly after reaching the aforementioned question, I convince myself that there are better things to occupy my thoughts with; learning new skills, gaining better control of my emotions, exercising, and so on. Is this phenomenon of convincing myself that there are "better" questions and curiosities to occupy my mind with a strategy of distraction and avoidance - distraction from something truly important? - or is it again not something worth occupying my thoughts with. That being said, I'm not opposed to coming back to this question time and time again, because perhaps I just do not currently possess adequate knowledge and experience to answer it in a way that satisfies me.